The Pig Roasting Company
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The Pig Roasting Company

The Pig Roasting Company is a small friendly family run business owned by Tracy based in Tewkesbury. We cover the following areas: Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Swindon. We provide a friendly professional service.

Use The Pig Roasting Company for: Weddings, Parties, Festivals, Corporate Events

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The Pig Roasting Company

Make Your Event

The Pig Roasting Company:

Minimum amount of people per booking is 60 people
Deposit required of £50.00 per booking
We provide a friendly professional service.

Please contact us for further details and pricing

What's included in your booking:
Joints of pork
Sage and onion stuffing
Apple Sauce
Bread Rolls
Paper Plates
Paper Napkins
Service and clearing away of equipment

Why do we use joints and not the whole pig?

Our Pork shoulder joints are far better value for money than having a whole pig for your function as you get more meat for your money and no waste.

The rare breed Gloucester Old Spot pork joints are slow roasted for at least five hours to ensure succulent juicy meat but still with crunchy salty crackling.

Pork Cuts

The Pig Roasting Company

Slow Roasted British Rare Breed Pork

All of our Gloucester Old Spot pork joints are sourced from Game and Country Meats which is a reputable butchers in Shropshire.

Game and Country Meats is part owned by Tracy's brother Andrew. Andrew and his business partner Tim have been running this business for the past 6 years and together have over 30 years combined butchery experience.

Tracy believes that British is best along with excellent quality of meat, this is why she has chosen to keep the business within the family and source her Gloucester Old Spot Pork from Game and Country Meats.

Traceability is key to the success of a good food business and excellent product for the customer.

A History of Pig Roasts

The tradition of the pig roast goes back millennia and is found in many cultures. There are numerous ways to roast pork, including open fire rotisserie style roasting, and "caja china" style box grilling.

In the UK, the tradition of pig roasting, which is also known in the UK as a Hog Roast, is popular on many occasions, particularly parties and celebrations. It is usually an outdoor event, and a staple meal on many show events. The tradition is either to roast on a spit, turning the pig or joint under a flame, or in a large oven in a roasting pan. 

The pig is normally roasted in a gas propane machine. The pig's skin is scored with a sharp blade and covered in water and salt to make the 'crackling'. In ancient times going all the way back to the Saxons, roasting a wild boar was often the centerpiece of a meal at Yuletide, with Yule being Freya's fest. The head was often the greatest delicacy, as evidenced by the survival of The Boar's Head Carol.

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